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February 08, 2021


When it comes to vehicle accidents, the first thought that occurs to a lot of us are drunk drivers, texting & driving, and bad roads or weather conditions. But do we ever stop to think that poor vehicle maintenance is one of the major reasons that cause these accidents? If fleet managers and drivers know or had been aware that their vehicle had maintenance issues they neglected, they could be held liable if their vehicle causes injuries to others on the road as well as suffer from vehicle downtime which is critical for their business.
This phenomenon leads many companies in search of an efficient fleet maintenance and management solution that has the proper data tracking and reporting tools for vehicle & driver safety. So now we know the reason why people say, “Better safe than sorry.”

There were more than 32,000 crash deaths in the US in 2013 according to These deaths cost more than $380 million in direct medical costs. There are four major factors that contribute to vehicle accidents. They are, mostly mechanical issues, road design / maintenance, road condition, and poor driver performance. The latter is, of course, the most significant, and 95% of all accidents involving motor vehicles, worldwide include poor driver performance along with one of the other three.

One way accidents can be avoided and driver safety enhanced is by implementing a fleet management system. This can help you with:

  • Being informed when your vehicle/asset is due for maintenance
  • Prolonging the lifespan of your vehicles/assets
  • Less breakdowns and vehicle/asset downtime
  • Reduction in future repair costs
  • Improvement in resale value

A well-managed fleet management system such as AUTOsist can result in a more profitable business, enhanced vehicle & driver safety among a myriad of other advantages.

When Technology Meets Fleet

With a smart iOS, Android or Web based fleet maintenance and management system, fleet managers with businesses can differentiate themselves by providing an enhanced level of safety and security to all their drivers as well as the vehicles they own. Such a technology is powerful enough to track and monitor time and cost of vehicle maintenance, miles covered, and other metrics.

Go Paperless

A smart, easy to install and use fleet maintenance technology like AUTOsist allows drivers to move away from paper work and manage the entire data related to driver logs, spend analysis data, backup data and more. Fleet maintenance management technology proves an automated experience to fleet managers as well as drivers while reducing their time and cost associated in manual tracking of all vehicle related records. Whatever is going on behind the wheels, a fleet maintenance and management system is the right tool to make your tasks faster, efficient and easier.

Explore AUTOsist to help your fleet managers, ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicle.

Top 5 Features of AUTOsist

Web Based + Mobile App – Available for iOS, Android, and Web. Everything syncs so you can manage your fleet on the go.

Maintenance and Fuel Tracker – A dedicated area to track your maintenance and fuel records. Attach receipts and free up any paper clutter.

Reminder Notifications – Set up reminders based on odometer and/or date. Get an alert via push notification and email.

Inspections – Create custom inspection checklists and get notified when something is not in proper working order.

Assign Custom Users with Permission Control – Have multiple users assigned to vehicles/assets and control what they can or can’t do.

So, what are you waiting for? Now let the latest technology takeover your fleet management and make driver safety a mandatory practice. Sign up for a risk free trial with AUTOsist (no credit card required) by clicking here.

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