Web Portal

A web based portal where you can log into your AUTOsist account and manage your records from your desktop computer or any device connected to the internet.  Everything will be sync’d to the AUTOsist app so you can access your records on demand.

Access it here: http://www.autosist.com/portal/Please note that this is the Desktop Version only – It is not mobile friendly yet.

Service / Maintenance Tracker

A dedicated area to track all your service / maintenance records.  Attach receipts and monitor your budget.

Fuel Tracker

A dedicated area to track all your fill ups.  Attach receipts and monitor MPG.

Reminder Notifications

Set reminders for when your next service is due or when you want to be reminded about something important- Either by mileage and/or date.


Glovebox / Notes

Store important records like insurance info, registration, and more.  Make custom notes and attach images so you never forget anything related to your vehicle again.

Maintenance Recommendations and Recalls (iOS Devices Only)

View factory recommended maintenance for your vehicle based on time/mileage as well as any open recalls issued.

Service History Report (formerly named Receipt History Report)

Generate a report on demand that compiles all your receipts and other records in seconds.  Email them to whoever you please. This is great report to show potential buyers that you took care of your vehicle. See it in action here:


Spend Analysis Report

A report that analyzes the amount you spend based on records loaded in the Receipts and Fuel section.  To run this report, click on the “Tools” icon in the top left corner of the app when your inside the vehicle, and the select “Spend Analysis Report”.  For the web portal, click the “Spend Analysis Report” icon toward the top right corner.

Transfer Records

Selling your vehicle?  Transfer records seamlessly with one click.  The new buyer gets the records sent to their mobile device within seconds. See it in action here:


Export to Excel and Backup Data

Export all your data from each section in a nicely organized excel file.  You will also be able to back up all your images you load via ZIP file.  See it in action here:


Search and Sort

Find records easily by searching with keywords (like your last oil change).  Sort by date, mileage, cost, or shop name

Email Records

Email specific records, documents, and files to yourself or anyone you please.

PDF Upload

Upload PDF files right from your mobile device (Android devices only)

Additional Metrics

Track your records based on Liters, Kilometers, and even hours.

Fleet Management Tools

Get more control of your vehicles with AUTOsist Fleet, including:

  • Assign specific vehicles to users/drivers
  • Create permission levels on who can view, add, edit or delete
  • Get unlimited storage and unlimited users

Learn more at autosist.com/fleet.

Auto Import of Old Records

  • Import old records automatically into AUTOsist using our import tool (CSV/EXCEL Format).  To access this tool, login via the web portal here and then select the drop down menu where your email is listed in the right corner, and select “Data Import Tool”.


  • Offline Use – Add, edit, and view all your records without internet connection.  Your records will sync automatically when you are connected to a network.
  • UI Refresh – New look and feel along with performance and feature improvements (late 2017)

Would you like early access to our new version coming soon?

Request Access Here