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June 04, 2021


What is fleet maintenance and management?

When it comes to talking about fleet management, it’s managing commercial vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialty vehicles, forklifts, trailers, etc. Fleet maintenance is defined as the process of keeping fleet vehicles in good condition so they can operate properly and provide safe and reliable transportation for businesses. If you run a fleet company, you know how important it is to take good care of your vehicles so they can stay on the road for as long as possible, while always maintaining the safety of your employees.

There’s a lot of things that go into managing these kinds of vehicles including maintenance, fuel, inspections, damage, etc. Keeping track of these things is harder than it sounds, and most people prefer to track all of this information in an Excel spreadsheet, but that isn’t the best way to manage your fleet vehicles.

Some people who have been in the business for a long time don’t believe in using the new technology that is available to us. They still believe the best and most efficient way to run their business is by writing each detail down on the same spreadsheet they’ve been using for the last 30+ years. But we are here to tell you that isn’t the best way to run your fleet business these days!

The technology we have at our fingertips is amazing and can allow you to run your business much more efficiently and smoothly, and you’ll deal with fewer issues. Investing in vehicle maintenance software is one of the best things you can do to take your fleet management business to the next level.

5 reasons why fleet maintenance and management are important

We could go on about the reasons every fleet management company should have streamlined software when it comes to fleet maintenance and management. Without proper fleet maintenance and management software in place, keeping track of all your vehicles can be extremely difficult and you could eventually drop the ball on something major, putting your team at risk.

Not only does fleet maintenance cut down time wasted for you and your drivers, but it also allows you to be proactive in any issues that may arise with any of your vehicles. Fleet vehicles are typically much bigger and heavy-duty when compared to regular vehicles, meaning they are a lot more susceptible to issues and they are much more expensive to fix than your everyday vehicle.

Putting proper fleet maintenance and management software into action is so important for any fleet company, here’s why:

1. Decrease in vehicle issues

This is a rather obvious reason to have the best fleet maintenance software in place (we’ll tell you our favorite software a little later). When you are properly inspecting and monitoring your fleet vehicles, you’ll know ahead of time or before it’s too late if something is wrong with one of your vehicles. If you’re aware of issues before they happen, your cost to repair them is most likely going to be a lot lower rather than if you waited for something major to go wrong.

2. Streamline paperwork processes

Let’s be real for a second, your employees probably hate doing paperwork the old fashion way. The technology we have at our fingertips is unreal and there is no longer a need for a crazy amount of actual paperwork. By digitizing your fleet maintenance log, it’s easier for those on the road to track stuff like mileage, gas, and anything else about their fleet vehicle. By being able to track and do everything right on your phone, tracking everything you need to just got that much easier and quicker.

3. Vehicle longevity

Most fleet drivers tend to leave their vehicles idling when they are making their scheduled stops. Leaving the engine running like that often is not good for any type of vehicle and can create a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle, while also increasing fuel usage. By using vehicle management software, you can increase the longevity of all of your vehicles, and that’s every fleet business owner’s ultimate goal, right?

4. Increase safety

Safety is always the #1 priority for all fleet companies, and your fleet maintenance log plays a major role in your safety records for each fleet vehicle. When it comes to fleet vehicles, engine troubles and not-properly maintained vehicles are the #1 risks your fleet drivers will face. By using your fleet management software, you are ensuring the safety of your vehicles and your drivers.

5. Increase efficiency

Your fleet maintenance software increases the overall efficiency of your business and your fleet vehicles. You use the software to track every single detail involving your fleet vehicles and it keeps each vehicle in top shape and allows you to keep your vehicles on the road for as long as possible.

How can AUTOsist help?

With AUTOsist, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and outdated tracking methods! AUTOsist gives you a simple and affordable way to manage your fleet of vehicles and equipment. Our web portal and mobile app make it easier for you to keep your fleet running efficiently from wherever you are!

There are so many things that make AUTOsist stand out against competitors. Here are the key features our web portal and mobile offer our users:

  • Service history

Track completed vehicle maintenance with receipts and upload any necessary documentation

  • Inspections

Through this software, you can build custom checklists and receive notifications when things are marked off

  • Reminders/work orders

You and your team get push notifications and reminders for upcoming items

  • Fuel tracking

Track your fuel and costs

  • Parts inventory

Track and keep inventory count and get alerts when things are running low

  • User management

Assign users to specific vehicles and assets with permission control

  • Trip log

Track your mileage and hours spent traveling

  • Document management

Manage documents all in one, convenient place

  • Custom reports

See monthly/annual spending on maintenance, service, and more

We pride ourselves on building software that’s easy to use so your teams can adopt it quickly. What good is software if your team doesn't use it because they can’t figure it out? Our key features focus on the important things that matter without all the clutter and confusion. Say goodbye to paperwork,and hello to the best fleet management software with AUTOsist!

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