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July 13, 2021


When talking about the top fleet maintenance software solutions, there is only one name that should pop into your mind, and that’s AUTOsist! Keeping track of everything to do with your fleet management company isn’t always easy to do. There are hundreds of moving parts to your business at all times, you have hundreds of employees, and you can’t do everything yourself.

If you run a fleet management company, you know how important it is to track every single aspect of your business, and you know that if something is imputed incorrectly or out of a certain timeframe, it can throw your entire business off. With the proper vehicle maintenance software, that won’t happen. AUTOsist is one of the leading vehicle maintenance software available today, and there are so many different reasons why you should choose us as your vehicle maintenance software provider. Here are just some of the reasons…

Built-in features

When it comes to choosing the best fleet maintenance tracking software, you obviously want something reliable, easy to use, and has everything you need all in one place. What’s the point of investing in maintenance software if you still have to find other options for different features? With AUTOsist, we have all the features you need, in one, easy-to-use platform. Here are the key features you have access to when you choose AUTOsist:

  • Service history: Track completed maintenance with receipts and upload any necessary documents
  • Fuel tracking: Track your fill-ups and cost, and upload your receipts
  • Trip log: Track your mileage per trip and easily differentiate personal travel from business travel (if needed)
  • Inspections: Create custom checklists and enable notifications when items are marked as working or not working in proper order
  • Parts inventory: Track your parts and keep accurate inventory counts. Get notifications when stock is running low
  • Document management: Easily upload and access any documents needed, such as registrations, insurances, warranties, and more
  • Reminders/work orders: You and your team can get notifications and reminders by date and/or odometer
  • User management: Assigns users to specific vehicles or assets with permission controls
  • Custom reports: See monthly or annual spending on things like maintenance, fuel, mileage, services, and more

Flexible pricing options

Here at AUTOsist, we offer simple and scalable pricing that is custom to you and your business’s needs. You can try out vehicle maintenance software risk-free, and no credit card is required to start! We offer package options ranging from $59 a month where you can manage up to 5 vehicles/assets, up to $569 a month where you can manage up to 95 vehicles/assets, and we have a wide variety of options in between! To see the full list of different pricing options and learn what you get with each option, click here.

Mobile app

The thing people love most about AUTOsist (and you will too) is that it isn’t only programmed to be used on your desktop, you and your team members can also use it anywhere you want right from your mobile device! We make it easy to manage your fleet of vehicles from anywhere in the world. Our mobile app is for both IOS and Android users and works on any type of device – cellphone, tablet, iPad, etc.

You and your team can stay in constant contact while they are on the road, and they can easily upload their paperwork right to the app. With our mobile app, you never have to worry about missing documentation since every one of your team members can access your vehicle maintenance software right from their phone!


One of the most important things in any fleet management company is communication between administrative staff and drivers. Depending on how far your drivers are required to travel, they may need to reach you in an instance. If you don’t have a good form or platform for communication, how can they access you or any documents they need when they are in a pinch?

Like any good business, communication is key in the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles. If you have 5 different drivers using the same truck, they should all be looped in and updated on what each one experiences on any given day. If they notice the tire pressure was low, or they are low on gas but didn’t have much time to stop, that should be communicated so nothing falls through the cracks.


Your vehicle maintenance software should be considered rocket science when it comes to using it and understanding it. Not everyone in your company is going to be tech-savvy, so you want to make sure you invest in vehicle maintenance software that is easy to use, navigate, and understand for everyone in your company. With AUTOsist, you get exactly that! Our platform is super user-friendly, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro at uploading documents, retrieving documents, tracking your fuel and mileage, and signing off on paperwork in no time!

Resources available

As if the first 5 reasons to choose AUTOsist as your vehicle maintenance software wasn’t enough, we want to talk a little bit about the resources you have available to you from AUTOsist ourselves.

We understand that there are always going to be questions about our software, that’s why we created a blog, a podcast, case studies, FAQs, and training videos for you and your team. You may not always have the time in your day to give us a call and ask about something, that’s why we wanted to create as many resources as we could for you to refer to. Our resources are filled with all sorts of information to answer any questions you may have about our software, and they are here to help you grow your business to be the best fleet management company possible!

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