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AUTOsist gives you a better way to manage your vehicle records electronically.  Easily store, track, and share maintenance records, insurance/registration documents, fuel logs, reminders, and any other information related to your vehicle.

Our Story

Our founder, Zorrane Abdeali, was inspired to build AUTOsist during the process of selling one of his cars.  The potential buyer lived out of state and wanted to see all the maintenance history of the car before traveling to come look at it.  Zorrane quickly realized he was missing key receipts of maintenance he knows he completed.  After a lot of digging, Zorrane found all his records and scanned them over to the potential buyer.  The potential buyer was so impressed with how well the car was maintained that he purchased the car without even looking at it.  This is when the idea of AUTOsist was born.

Our goal is to provide a simple, centralized platform for vehicle owners and businesses to easily keep track of their vehicles.

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