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Mar 29, 2024


For too long fleet managers were required to spend half their time piecing together Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the company’s vehicles and equipment. Fleet management software has completely changed how companies operate their fleet for the better. But with so many software options out there how do you choose? Price certainly is an important part, but you also need a tool that fulfills your Wishlist to improve visibility across the fleet.

Not all fleet management software is created equal. The end user’s preferences must also be considered. You want a wealth of features to get the most bang for your buck, but you also need something simple enough for you and your team to manage and use daily without needing a technology expert to get involved. We created AUTOsist with fleet management and maintenance workflows in mind. We realized something was missing in this industry that was easy to use, but also integrated the most important aspects of fleet management.

AUTOsist gives you and your business a simple and affordable way to manage your various fleet vehicles, your equipment, and any other assets you have. With our online web portal and intuitive mobile app, you have every aspect of your business in the palm of your hands. Our software is easy to use, it’s affordable, and it’s every fleet manager’s favorite system to use – which is why Forbes has rated it the best overall fleet management software two years in a row. Here are some of the most useful features you get when you choose AUTOsist.

1. Digital Inspections

Fleet vehicle inspections are a very vital part of the success of your business. When it comes to fleet vehicles, they often get worn out quicker because they are constantly in use and take some longer trips. Performing regular inspections on these vehicles is an important part of your business, and you can build custom checklists for your vehicle inspections and get notifications if something wasn’t crossed off. This feature ensures your vehicles are always in their best shape.

2. Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important and costly aspects of fleet management. Due to this, any fleet management software worthwhile must have a maintenance system for you to manage the process of identifying, monitoring and logging service details.

a. Reminders

Setting reminders for vehicle or equipment maintenance is a preventative measure to keep your fleet running better or longer. Instead of having to manually verify the last service on a vehicle and determine if it needs maintenance or not, you can receive notifications to your phone or email alerting you that service is needed soon. You can set reminders by odometer readings, like oil changes every 7,000 miles or by calendar dates if you have a recurring schedule for maintenance.

b. Service History

We can’t stress enough how important clear and constant communication is with every fleet management company. You may have 5 different employees driving the same vehicle, and if something goes wrong one day and someone doesn’t record that, the next person to use that vehicle can run into some problems. AUTOsist allows you to easily track and record any maintenance issues and upload any service history documentation your vehicles may need – making sure every team member is updated and knows what is going on with each vehicle. Having a service history log can also go a long way in retaining resale value if a potential buyer values such insights.

c. Work Orders

Digital work orders are far superior to paper work orders. Not only are they easier to track and review, but they aggregate the parts inventory used, log time spent on repairs and track expenses. Just like reminders, you can automatically create and assign a work order for service once a vehicle reaches a certain mileage or piece of equipment reaches a certain level of hours of operation.

3. Fuel Tracking and Fuel Cards

Another category that is expensive for fleets is fuel consumption. It’s very likely that your highest cost in fact, is your fuel fill-ups. With AUTOsist, you have two ways to log fuel purchase. The first is by having drivers input fuel transaction details, including pictures of receipts to help prevent fuel theft. The second is through fuel card integrations with providers like Wex, Comdata and Fuelman. When a driver uses their fuel card the data is automatically synced and uploaded to AUTOsist, giving fleet managers a detailed view of each fuel transaction, giving you the insights necessary when creating fleet reports and budgets. If you wish to add a fuel card, our support team can set up the fuel card integration for you.

4. Fleet Reports

Depending on what kind of business you are in, you may need to create different kinds of reports. AUTOsist makes it easy to create custom reports that can be viewed and run weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Whatever kind of reports you need to ensure the success of your business, you can create it in the AUTOsist software. Wondering what fleet reports you need? Check out our post on fleet reports for more information.

If you wish to add and compare historical data, you can transfer all your previous records and easily import them into your AUTOsist account. You can automatically import old records with their import tool (CSV or Excel format). To access this tool on your AUTOsist software, log in to the web portal, and select the drop-down menu where your email is listed, and then select “Data Import Tool”.

5. Parts Inventory Management

To be successful in your business, you must always make sure your inventory counts are accurate and up to date. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have a certain number of parts of pieces on hand, then when you go to find it, you’re out of stock, and you can’t complete a certain job or project. With AUTOsist’s inventory management system, you can easily keep track of parts inventory counts at multiple locations, the cost, and include the parts used in maintenance work orders. To make it even better, you will get notified when things are running low in your stock!

6. Documents and Records

Something that is often forgotten among fleets but is still very important to your business is updated documentation. Not only is keeping proper documentation important for each of your staff members, but it is also very important in case of an audit. Depending on where you operate, your local government may have different rules and regulations regarding documentation, but with AUTOsist, you’ll never have to worry about missing documentation.

One of the coolest features AUTOsist offers is its GloveBox feature. This feature allows you to track your vehicle’s registrations, insurances, and other important information. These are all things you keep in the glove box of your car – which is why they named it very appropriately. This feature is great if you manage many fleet vehicles – it allows you to easily track and manage each vehicle and make sure they are all up to date on their necessary documentation.

7. GPS Fleet Tracking

Monitoring your fleet can be a difficult task without the use of modern technology. GPS tracking devices are a great resource for fleet managers for several reasons. First, and most obvious, they allow you to track the location of your vehicles and equipment in real-time. Second, they have geofencing capabilities, where you can alert drivers and receive a notification when a vehicle drifts outside of a preset area. Having a way to track your fleet is a great dispatching tool, while allowing you to know what is going on without having to interrupt or contact a driver and disrupt their ability to serve customers.


8. Telematics and Driver Behavior Monitoring

Telematics details takes fleet tracking a step further. GPS devices include a telematics component which tracks specific vehicle diagnostics important to fleet managers. Some of the telematics insights are live odometer reading syncs, alerts when diagnostic trouble codes appear on dashboards, and driver behavior like speeding, seatbelt use, and harsh breaking – all signs of unsafe vehicle operation. All of this data is integrated directly into the AUTOsist Portal for you to access every detail in one location.

Odometer readings are great to trigger work order assignments to conduct maintenance when necessary. Meanwhile, driver behavior can be scored and you can share an updated leaderboard of safest drivers to incentivize and coach up those lower on the ratings scale.

9. Fleet Dash Cams

Sometimes location and driver behavior tracking are not enough. Especially for commercial vehicles with large loads or any heavy-duty vehicles, two-way facing dash cameras are tremendous at holding drivers accountable and providing evidence of accident fault to protect drivers and the company at large. Many fleet insurance providers offer discounted rates on coverage for fleets that use safety dash cams.

Signal Security, an AUTOsist customer, added dash cams through our exclusive Azuga partnership, which saved the fleet over $185,000 on insurance claims in the first year. “In our nature of work, the biggest concern is our officer safety. Not only does the system allow us to mitigate poor driving habits, it also helps us prove if our vehicle was not the 'at fault' party in an accident.”
— Matt Rozeboom - General Manager of Dealer Services, Signal Security

10. Offline Use

Have you ever been on vacation and realize you needed to submit a document, but you don’t have internet access? No worries! With AUTOsist, you can add and view all your records without any internet connection. Everything syncs automatically when you are connected to the internet, so you can access or upload anything, at any time.

If you’re looking for a fleet management software that is simple to use, affordable, and is built to make your life easier, AUTOsist is for you. We offer reliable fleet management software, mobile apps, and fuel card and GPS integrations so you can focus on the things you need to maximize productivity and profitability.

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