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June 15, 2021


Your fleet maintenance management company should always be moving towards more productivity and more efficiency. The only way you are ever going to grow your business and reach your business goals is to constantly adapt to changes in the industry and increase your productivity in any way you can.

When it comes to increasing productivity in your fleet maintenance system, there are always ways to streamline tasks and do things better. This is true of any business. It’s time to phase out the old ways of doing things such as fleet inventory management using papers and tracking your trips by hand. With all the technology we have available to us, it’s time to make the switch and make tracking and measuring your business growth easier.

Here at AUTOsist, we offer modern software solutions to help your fleet management business improve efficiency, streamline your work processes, and increase your and your team’s daily productivity. Here’s how…

5 ways to maximize your fleet productivity:

1. Increase collaboration & communication

In any business, teamwork and communication are so important in making sure every team member is on the same page and nothing is left undone. Managing fleet vehicles is no easy task and it takes an army to keep things running smoothly. You always want to make sure each of your team members I am involved and up-to-date on what is happening in the business so there is nothing that gets forgotten. By using AUTOsist, you can easily collaborate and communicate with your team through our online platform.

Our platform allows your team to work in one single space so they know everything that is going on. You can upload all documents your team may need, and you can assign users to specific vehicles/assets so they know what’s going on. If you have a team of 5 people who use the same fleet vehicle, they can communicate any issues or errors they experience with it so the next person coming in is aware and can trouble shoot.

When your team is connected no matter where they are, your productivity will increase immediately. It reduces the amount of time spent trying to reach out to team members and ask them what happened on the previous day. With AUTOsist, they can look at your team’s account and see what happened the previous day – allowing them to get right to their tasks for the day.

2. Go paperless

It’s no surprise that doing things the old-fashioned way isn’t the best anymore. By going paperless, you eliminate the chance of losing important documentation. Whether it be inventory counts or trip logs, your entire team can look into the database and see everything each team member has input.

Using our fleet management software to track every task involved in your business is the best thing you can do to increase the productivity of your business. Since everything you log will be paperless on our online platform, you won’t have to waste the first couple of hours of your day looking for that truck inspection one of your team members completed yesterday – it’ll be easily accessible on our platform.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your fleet maintenance company and you are looking to go paperless in your business, always turn to AUTOsist! We make it easy for your business to go paperless so you don’t have to waste time searching for papers anymore – you can get right down to business.

3. Streamline maintenance processes

Keeping a close eye on your maintenance processes can increase the overall productivity of your fleet company. Whether it be tracking scheduled maintenance or inspections, streamlining your processes will help increase productivity so you don’t have to waste time backtracking on tasks.

When it comes to building streamlined maintenance processes, you always want to think of the future so you can problem-solve things ahead of time. For most fleet maintenance management companies, they don’t have time to backtrack and determine what happened with a specific vehicle or task. By streamlining your processes with AUTOsist, you can get some hours back in your day that you can use to better your business and be more productive.

4. Trip tracking

Logging your trips, gas expenses, and miles traveled is a very important part of determining how productive your fleet management business is. With AUTOsist, we have a feature that allows team members to log their trips, how many hours they spent on each trip, how much they paid in fuel expenses and tolls expenses, and so much more.

By knowing these details for each of your fleet vehicles, you can see how much your spending on expenses and hourly pay and determine ways to make it more productive such as having one team member make multiple stops in one trip when they’re in the same route, rather than having 3 team members split the trips up.

5. Measure the important things

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your business, it only works when you can measure and track the important things. Your fleet management software doesn’t just act as a database for your information, it can also be used to track and measure every aspect of your business – your gas expenses for the year, repair expenses, trip logs, communication, and so much more.

Knowing how much time or money each of your business processes takes is an important thing to help you determine how you can become more productive in your business. Whether it be how long it takes to inspect your fleet vehicles, or how much you pay per mile, you can use this information to make necessary changes to increase your business productivity.

Each of these items above is going to increase the productivity of your fleet management business. Each item can be fully customized to fit the specific needs of your fleet business, and you can use them differently to fit your needs and standards.

By using AUTOsist, you can track and measure every aspect of your business in one convenient location that each of your team members will have access to, all while increasing productivity!

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